Duplexing / Triplexing

A strong bond infused with infinite possibilities.

Bonding together two or more sheets of any stock you fancy unlocks a set of options that lifts your print project to another level, limited only by your imagination!

Print, emboss, die cut or foil block either side (or both) and you have in your hands some of the coolest tactile designs on the planet. Duplexing adds weight & edge colour with barely visible seams that are perfect for super thick business cards and invitations.

Thick business cards are all the rage and when you use Windmill Printing to die-cut the card to allow colour on the back to show through you’ll understand why we are the printer of choice for many of the biggest brands around!

Talk to one of the team at Windmill to learn more about why we love it when the edges of a business card take on a kaleidoscopic effect when they’re a unique colour compared to the rest of the card.
The Windmill Approach

Duplexing and triplexing refers to gluing 2 or 3 sheets together. However, the process is not limited to this number of sheets, we can glue multiple sheets together to get the desired effect. This can be either sheets of all the same colour or different colours to achieve a sandwich effect.

As yet, we haven't found a maximum thickness when we're using this process - so far we've glued 5 sheets together to a total weight of 1,130gsm!  

See more examples of Duplexing / Triplexing in the showcase.

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