Die/Laser Cutting

A cut above the rest

Like a precision cut diamond, or the sharp lines of a tailored suit, when you really want to make a strong first impression, cutting paper with a sharp blade might just be the finishing touch!

Die/Laser-cutting is a versatile technique which can be used for many applications.

At Windmill we recognise and promote this versatility and work to produce increasingly advanced results in this area.

It's a great way to create unique presentation folders, invitations, plastic tag shapes, quirky business cards, packaging products and just about anything you can imagine.
In fact if you think of die cutting as like a cookie cutter that can be used in just about any shape you can think of, the possibilities are endless!

We use high quality laser-cut machines that allows the most intricate amount of detail to be cut out. Or left in depending how you look at it.
The Windmill Approach

Die cutting is used to cut paper or card into shapes that can’t be achieved using a guillotine. This is done using a cutting form, which is formed by using a shaped blade to form the outline required. This blade is bent into shape and set into a strong plywood backing. The cutting form is placed into a press, and the material is placed into position then pressed against it to cut the shape required out of the sheet.

There is a limit to how intricate the outline of the design can be when die-cutting, but when an image is too intricate to die-cut, it can be laser-cut.

Laser-cutting is a process that fires a laser at the card that cuts through it by burning, melting or vaporising the material.

See more examples of Die / Laser Cutting in the showcase.

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